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Yellowknife Multiplex, Yellowknife


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The Multi-Plex is a recreation facility containing two ice rinks (one Olympic and one NHL sized), a gymnasium, a gymnastics gymnasium and office space. PSAV Architects Ltd. partnered with Barr Ryder Architects & Planners for this project. Design work began in June, 2001 with construction complete in June, 2003. The NHL ice sheet had been deferred and was completed in October, 2004.

A large two storey lobby is the central organizing design element with the two gymnasiums and ice surfaces directly accessible from this space. The lobby provides an orientation space and works well as crush space during tournaments and trade shows. The change rooms are located between the two ice surfaces, accessible from the main floor with spectator seating above on the 2nd floor.

Energy efficiency is always a major design consideration for large recreation facilities. This was incorporated into the design in a number of ways: high insulation values at the building envelope, low-E surfaces at the arena ceilings, heat recovery capacity from the refrigeration units. In-floor heating provides an efficient, constant heat source. The lobby is enclosed with high windows, projecting daylight deep into this large space. Also incorporated were energy efficient, low energy consumption mechanical and electrical systems, lighting and controls. The mechanical ventilation system included a heat recovery option.

Consultant Team:

Architects / Prime Consultant: PSAV Architects Ltd.
Barr Ryder Architects and Planners

Structural Engineers: Williams Engineering Canada Inc.

Mechanical Engineers: Williams Engineering Canada Inc.

Electrical Engineers: Williams Engineering Canada Inc.

Civil Engineers: AECOM Canada Ltd.

Geotechnical Engineers: EBA Engineering Ltd